"Through Mary, in Mary, for Mary -
Bringing all souls, especially those of our youth, back to the Church"

El Padrecito Ministries

Who We Are

El Padrecito Ministries is a non-profit located in Guadalupe, California, located in the northernmost region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  The non-profit was founded to work with youth, providing both direct evangelization (instruction on the faith, talks, music, etc.) and indirect evangelization (folklorico, arts classes, etc.).  The youth ministry was founded by Father Masseo Gonzales, who as a youth, had a juvenile record, dropped out of high school, and eventually lost a portion of his right leg in a street fight.  After his conversion, he joined the Franciscans, became a Catholic Priest and now works with youth full-time, locally and internationally (via performances and talks, production, etc.).  He is a member of the Conventual Franciscans of California. 

Father Masseo Gonzales

What We Do

due to COvid 19 we are currently focusing on hiring local teens and young adults to work in our store, which concentrates on designing, manufacturing and selling masks, along with other products, catholic apparel, etc. the new program provides a wonderful opportunity for our youth and young adults to learn skills in the workplace, customer service, production, fulfillment, professionalism, etc.

— Catholic Hip-Hop

Father Masseo Gonzales, under the stage moniker “El Padrecito,” has toured around the world (two World Youth Days, Brazil and Panama), and presented and performed at the largest Catholic youth gatherings in the United States, National Catholic Youth Confernce (2x), Congreso de Jovenes (Los Angeles), On Fire (Northern California), Archdioceses of New York, Los Angeles, and in many states throughout the country.  Most of his performances and presentations have included FoundNation, arguably one of the more prolific Catholic hip-hop groups in the United States.  Various music videos, music, etc., can be seen here. www.foundnationfamily.com.  Due to the advantages of technology, livestreaming, production, etc., the ministry CONTINUES to take place, in spite of COVID 19.

— Ballet Folklórico El Padrecito

By hiring local instructors, El Padrecito Ministries has provided free performing arts and dance classes for roughly ten years.  The most recent thrust has been concentrating on Ballet Folklorico.  In addition to learning the art of folklorico,  the children develop skills in self-discipline, performance, choreography, presentation, etc.  The kids perform roughly 40 times a year throughout the Central Coast of California and have placed in numerous parades.   It is hoped that the program will resume January of 2020.

— Children's Art Class

 Our art program of about 20 students, from ages 7 to 12,  is one of our newest programs. Because the  program has become so popular, there is a waiting list. It is hoped that the program will resume in January of 2020. 

— Digial Streaming: Holy Rosary

Unless otherwise noted, live, daily rosaries are said with Father Masseo Gonzales, at 3:00 p.m., seven days a week.  The live feed takes place on official Facebook Page of El Padrecito Ministries, and all are welcome to attend. 

— Youth Employment

Due to COVID and the risk of losing funding, El Padrecito Ministries decided to launch it’s own online Catholic good store, provide solid catholic products, and hire local teen-agers and young adults.  


Pope Francis, World Youth Day 2013

The time is accomplished, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent, and believe the gospel.

Mark 1:15